Deenjaba is a troll rogue, an Officer of Legendary


Deenjaba is a Level 80 Troll Rogue (Hack and Slash Spec). Though he technically has a Mutilate spec, he never bothers with it. Even if it may be technically superior, Combat is loads more fun.


Deenjaba is a Troll Rogue. and Officer of Legendary.

Deenjaba was born and raised in Sen’Jin Village. As an adolescent, his temper was wild and unpredictable. Because of his reckless and rebellious attitude, he ended up teaming up with an orcish gang leader named [[Hargh]]. Really, they were nothing more than roadside bandits, terrorizing the road between Sen’Jin and Razor Hill. Hargh and the others would distract the target, and Deenjaba would sneak up from behind, ambush them, and rob them blind. It paid well, and though they frequently roughed up their targets, it wasn’t often that anyone was seriously injured. As time went on, however, Hargh got more and more ruthless.


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